About Par-formance,® The Golf Score Journal and the Harvey Publishing Group ...

Par-formance® The Golf Score Journal has been around since 1989. Back then I was playing a lot of golf and my game had hit a plateau, I remembered a roommate I had in college who was a great golfer and he would always track his rounds by charting his scores and statistics in just a plain notebook. I asked him why he put the effort into tracking his rounds and he said that it helped him focus in on what was good about his game. He also said by tracking his scores it showed him exactly where his game needed to be improved. By summarizing his rounds, he knew where to focus his time and what areas to practice such as his short game, chipping, putting, mid-irons, etc… So I searched and searched all over at sporting good stores, pro-shops, golf retail stores and I could not find a good golf score journal to help me with my game, at least one I thought had the features and tracking abilities I was looking for in a score journal, so I created Par-formance® The Golf Score Journal and the Harvey Publishing Group.

Within the last two years Par-formance® has greatly increased its exposure within the golf industry along with a stronger brand name and awareness. It is recognized as an ideal tool for golfers of all skill levels who want to both improve and enhance their golf game and to lower their scores.

The Harvey Publishing Group is the creator, publisher and owner of all Intellectual Property of Par-formance® The Golf Score Journal.

As of January 1st, 2006, Par-formance®, The Golf Score Journal is a Licensee product of the United States Golf Association®.

Associations ...

The Harvey Publishing Group enjoys professional relationships with the United States Golf Association, the Golf Coaches Association of America, the National Golf Coaches Association, the Nike Golf Learning Centers, Hurricane Golf and the National Golf Tours.

Versions and Markets ...

The "Classic" version is currently sold to country clubs, pro-shops, golf stores, gift companies, schools, (both high school and college golf teams), to PGA teaching professionals, and to individuals through the website. In addition, several major colleges and universities have used Par-formance® as a require textbook for PE golf classes.

The "Tournament Journal & Yardage Book" version is ideal for tournament play allowing golfers to:
  • Diagram in detail all 18 holes of a course and chart
  • Chart a course denoting landmarks, hazards, and the yardage from tee to green
  • Excellent reference for tournament play, from practice rounds to the final round of a tournament
  • Allows for a better understanding of a player's shot making ability
  • Lower golf scores due to improved course management
The Harvey Publishing Group has advertised and marketed through, MSN, Golf Digest and GolfWeek magazine.

What's Coming Soon ...

Very soon there will be a software version which will allow you to take the summary information from Par-formance® and it will give an approximation of a handicap, input multiple players, chart and graph your statistics and averages, has a calendar and much more ...

Thank you and feedback ...

Thank you for your interest in Par-formance® The Golf Score Journal and the Harvey Publishing Group. If you have just made a purchase or are about to, I hope you will find Par-formance® to be beneficial and that it assists you in improving your game and lowering your golf score.

I am always interested in how you were introduced to Par-formance® and in hearing your feedback. So, please let me know what you think.

Rick Harvey

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