"When trying to determine areas of improvement our memory is often unreliable. Also, one round of statistics is often deceiving. Par-formance®, The Golf Score Journal replaces memory and gives you a large overall picture of your game. Another advantage of the score journal is that you can back check and look deeper into your stats. For example, what does 35 putts mean - bad putting or poor approaches to the pin leaving long putts? Is our greens in regulation a result of poor driving or poor irons. Correct statistics are good for analysis. Besides, it is interesting not only for your knowledge but also as a comparison to better golfers and even
the pros."

-Dr. Gerald A. Walford, Sport Psychologist, PGA of America

"Par-formance® is the best tool I've found for conveniently mapping out your golf game. By tracking several rounds, you quickly and visibly discover your strengths and weaknesses, as well as documenting your club selection choices and yardages for specific courses. It's the best way to identify the reasons why your round was successful or not, and identifies where you should focus your game improvement efforts."
-S. Torrez, Lewisville TX.

"The Par-formance® book for recording my stroke play has enabled me to work on things that I previously thought were positives with my game, in fact, they were actually adding a few strokes here and there. When I studied how I was not improving, it was evident that my game needed work in certain areas, and Par-formance® showed me exactly where those improvements were needed, and as a result I have consistently lowered my scores by 5-7 shots per round. Thank you Par-formance®".
-R. Hicks, Grapevine TX.

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